Mobile Gas Turbines from USP&E Global :Power to Go

The Celina, Texas based USP&E Global is a worldwide power generation EPC and O&M provider for operations in emerging markets. With the success of projects depending on consistent, reliable and trusted power, it is USP&E’s mission to deliver on every front, evident in their mobile gas turbines. Excelling in customer centered, efficient and effective solutions to meet these needs, USP&E strives to:

“deliver the most cost effective and efficient power station engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions worldwide,”

and therefore it is no surprise that the team at USP&E is able to deliver mobile gas turbines for portable power.

The GE TM 2500 Mobile Gas Turbines trailer turbine solution exists to answer all needs for any power demand. USP&E’s vast equipment  inventory and services truly combine as the Mobile Gas turbines offered can address emergency, mining, back up, global, oil, data center and more power requirements. The ability to provide power in otherwise remote and inaccessible locations is extremely depended on and can make the difference in your power operation’s success. With Mobile Gas Turbines power is more easily available as it provides a solution to location barriers.

Why Mobile Gas Turbines?

Built for convenience and portability, Mobile Gas Turbines are made to be shipped, packaged on a trailer then towed, and delivered for any application in nearly every location. In addition mobile gas turbines have varying features that enables them to come as 60Hz or 50Hz packages that can operate on Natural Gas and distilled fuels. Due to USP&E’s expertise in emerging economies and fast growth markets, the ability for mobile gas turbines to be so readily transported has allowed USP&E to gain extensive knowledge in Central America, South America, North America and Africa. Mobile Gas Turbines additionally emit reduced levels of toxic emissions addressing all environmentally conscious concerns.

mobile gas turbines

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